Our Mission

  • Employing the sustainable principles and practices of biomimicry, regenerative agriculture, silviculture, agroforestry and permaculture design we will:

  • Regenerate organic matter in soil to assist nature in restoring the natural microbial equilibrium

  • Regenrate contaminated soils and waterways, while restoring bio-diversity in the natural landscapes

  • Regenerate degraded, marginal and non-arable lands bringing them into production

  • Produce and abundance of naturally grown, nutrient-dense, certified organic food

  • Sequester carbon to mitigate the affect of agriculture on climate change

  • Regenerate and empower farmers and farming communities

Our Vision

    Changing the way we grow food on the land will regenerate natural soil, it will regenerate the environment and empower the Village.
  • By providing the economically viable alternatives, demonstrated with the resources, education and support available for growers, to implement permaculture and regenerative agriculture techniques that work with and mimic nature to regenerate the natural microbial equilibrium in soil. It has been said, that with the introduction of 2% organic matter to the agricultural land globally the entire human GHG emissions would be sequestered and the human effect on climate change would be mitigated. To do this will take a total “disruption” of the status quo in global agriculture supported by legislation to defend the rights of Environment. This soil-centric, “hectare by hectare” disruption will preclude the use of synthetic chemicals of any kind in agriculture, produce an abundance of locally grown organic food, protect the environment from pollution and at the same time provide humans with the opportunity to restore our stewardship and undo the damage caused by the way we as a society currently produce food. In addition, changing the way agri-business is conducted by providing mechanisms for growers to increase income and eliminate farm debt, as part of the Farm Business Partnership. We will empower farmers and the farm communites for self-reliance and self-determination, building the social capital while we restore the most precious natural capital resource, Natural Soil.

Sustainable Development Goals


To reduce the impact of agricultural production on the environment by changing the way food is produced on the land and regenerating natural soil.

Food Security

To increase the sustainable production of locally grown organic food.


To enable economic sustainability for farmers and regenerate rural society.